At Train Your Human, we always encourage you to have fun with your training, and you will find out just how much your dogs love to play! Agility is a fantastic outlet for any dog providing a stimulating game of communication, accuracy, an array of skills and balance. Training your dog in agility is a rewarding way to gain engagement with your dog, build your relationship, and offer training your dog will absolutely love.

Covered in these individual classes:

You and your team will learn to follow a series of commands and overcome various obstacles such as hurdles, tunnels, balance beams and more. You will gain confidence in instructing your dog through new situations while advancing any basic obedience already installed in an exciting activity for you and your dog. This course is designed for those who have passed basic obedience or equivalent.

You will be provided with a slip lead training collar and homework activities.  All other recommended training materials can be purchased at owner’s discretion and based on an individual’s recommendations.

Required materials:

  • Basic Obedience or equivalent training
  • Pull Tab
  • Appropriate level training collar recommended by trainer
  • 5 Ft leash
  • 15 Ft leash (nonretractable leashes)
  • Your dog’s food
  • Clip-on training pouch for food (or equivalent)
  • Appropriate shoes and clothing to train
  • Poop bags
  • Water bowl

Recommended materials:

  • Place board
  • Place marker
  • Your own to practice at home agility equipment (hurdle/tunnle/etc.)
  • Additional training treats
  • Pen/paper

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