Basic Obedience

You are never too late to learn a lifelong set of communication skills between you and your dog. In this course, we teach you the basics of how a dog learns and how to motivate your dog in completing behaviors through balanced, effective and clear communication


Covered in this course:

You and your dog will learn to complete skills such as walking on leash, sit, down, come and place with some distractions in just six one-hour classes. In addition to working with your dog, you will be introduced to essential leash skills, vocabulary and a fun, reliable method of working with your dog.

You will be provided with a slip lead training collar, homework materials, and a certificate of completion on the final day of training.  All other recommended training materials can be purchased at owner’s discretion and based on an individual’s recommendations.

Recommended Tools:

  • 5-10 Ft non retractable leash with a clip at the end
  • Elevated place board
  • Clip-on training pouch for food
  • Poop bags
  • Water Bowl (with water)
  • Appropriate level training collar discussed in evaluation

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