Train Your Human Dog Training

Welcome to Train Your Human Dog Training 

We pledge to be on your team and to be open and honest with you regarding your specific situation and needs. 

We happily service owners with any dog, any size, any breed with any problem using a balanced method of training, along with modern technology and science. At Train Your Human, we don’t just work with your dog but we help you as the owner to become a better leader, handler, and trainer.

Experience engaging and fun games to gain obedience for every level


Are you struggling with Aggression or Behavior modification?

We understand and we are here to help! With the years of personal and professional experience rehabilitating and training dogs with aggression, high levels of reactivity, fear and anxiety, we certainly have the tools to help you better your situation today.

Let us do the hard work

Our IN-HOME Boarding and Training option is exceptionally personal and provides a unique experience designed to provide the average dog owner the best rate of success.  Instead of sending your dog to a facility, our in-home program safely exposes your dog to real household situations including crate training, house manners and learning daily structure all while providing the obedience training, love, and comfort that we give to our personal dogs. 

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